Can Different Types of Power Sources be Connected to the Same Grounding Mat?

Walking barefoot and direct contact with the ground has been known to have health benefits. A floor mat can help stimulate this earth-connecting effect, potentially improving mood, sleep, and reducing pain or inflammation. If the water you use to shower comes from metal pipes that are in contact with the ground, then you are already connected to the Earth.


, different types of power sources can be connected to the same grounding mat at the same time, as long as they have an existing ground port (for the third plug) that will be connected to the home or office grounding system. Static discharge, also known as soft earth or dissipative earth, has an in-line resistance of 1 megohm in the ground cable designed to slowly purge static electrical charges (contact and separation loads).

If your house was built before the 1960s and electricity hasn't been rewired, you may need a grounding rod or the professional installation of a specific ground connection. Earthing products are designed to be used with a grounding bar placed on the floor, next to a window or door, or through a grounded wall outlet inside the home or office.


, different types of power sources can be connected to the same grounding mat at the same time, as long as the extension cable has a grounding hole (to place the plug on the grounding cable) and as long as you can connect it to a ground outlet in the home or office. A grounding mat mimics the Earth's electrical current and allows a person to bring this experience into their home or office. The product's grounding cables are designed to provide a secure soft ground connection using an integrated (molded) in-line resistor that limits the current to 100 kOhm.

Some people with chronic illnesses benefit from spending more hours on the floor during the day, for example, if they go barefoot or use a mat or body band. Outside of North America, you'll also need to use a grounding bar if your home's electrical system isn't properly grounded. A circular cable (also known as a ground cable) runs through the system and connects to it each time you insert the ground cable into the third hole (the ground port) of the electrical outlet. When people place their feet on the ground (either by standing barefoot on the Earth or through an electrocardiogram placed on the ground, in experiments), they sometimes feel a tingling sensation as they climb their legs. According to experts and available research, grounding mats have positive effects on human physiology.

The Earthing product is connected to the ground (ground) contact of a wall outlet or to a ground rod planted outside the ground. All kitchens and bathrooms should have grounded outlets, but bedrooms and other rooms in the house don't necessarily have a grounded outlet, even if they have a three-prong outlet. Many people have used grounding products and have experienced beneficial effects from their medical devices and grounding.

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